Kit Information :

Scale : 1/288

Grade : No Grade

Made by : Bandai

Completed : Sept. 2010

Box Art :



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Here's a blast from the past - an old school kit re-issue that originally came out in the '80s : the Agguguy!

Well actually he is what is termed a 'half scale' kit or in modelling terms a 1/288 scale (ie half the size of a 1/144 as the original version kit of this fellow was). I got this kit when I was in Sydney at BAKUC when Alan from the Mecha Workshop purchased the box of 10 (?) set and gave me the Agguguy as he had built it before and didn't want to do it again. So he quite generously offered the kit to me and challenged me to 'do something special' with it.

I decided to trial a carbon fibre look for the paint job which involved using wire mesh as a mask. After filling the seams and such, the kit was primed and base coated with black. This was topped with Mr Metal Aluminium. Next, I used the wire mesh as a mask and air brushed black back over the top of it to give a chequer pattern similar to carbon fibre. This was finally topped off with a Clear Orange.

There was a lot of masking when painting the silver parts on the rest of the body and the head needed to be masked several times to paint the main part, the black inner part and the silver eye. The eye was finished off by hand painting clear orange onto the raised hexagons.

There were a couple of modifications with this kit as well. I added pins to the back where there were two small indentations and also IC pins for the thrusters. The other modification was to the heat rods on the end of the arms. I replaced these with snake chain and then added tips made from styrene tubing and the tips of wooden skewers which were then painted silver and washed with black oil paint.

Overall this one was a fun and quick build - I may have to try some of the other 1/288 kits one day!