Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : N/A

Made by : David Krentz

Completed : May 2011

In-Progress Report

other Information :



I recently found out over at the Clubhouse forums about a new range of mini-Dinosaur models being released by renowned Dino artist David Krentz.

David has been releasing small 1/144 Dinosaur models of some popular beasts. 1/144? Yes, 1/144 and they are small. So small in fact that they are a single piece kit that have been 'printed' via a 3D printer by a company called Shapeways.

The Ankylosaurus is my second build of this series of tiny Dinosaurs. As with the Triceratops that I painted before this, there was no clean up necessary so it was primed straight away. I gave it a base coat of green and dark grey and then hand painted each of the armour plates with brown. The eyes were dabbed on with some white and then everything was dry brushed with a brown and black pastel.

For the base, I decided to make a small stream for the Ankylosaur to stand by. I began by painting on some textured paint for the soil and then added rocks, sand and green flock. A few twigs and clump foliage was also added to give a river side feel. In the river area, I added some small pieces of foliage to act as river weed and then applied a few very thin layers of PVA glue, making sure that each was given sufficent time to dry before adding the next. Too thick and the glue wouldn't dry underneath and stay white and milky looking.

All up these 1/144 series of Dinos are excellent value and great to do on a single afternoon to kill some time. Best of all they are small and take up next to no space in the display cabinet!

Might have to look at getting a few more of these and expand the collection a little!