Kit Information :

Scale : 1/40

Grade : N/A

Made by : Collecta

Completed : April 2011

In-Progress Report

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I haven't had much time to delve back into Dinosaur builds lately as I have been concentrating on Gunpla (in particular the GP01) so I thought I'd get back into it by working on a Brachiosaurus.

I've been wanting to build a Brachiosaurus kit for a while but all that are on the market are too large for my cabinet or too expensive for my pocket (most kits of this Dinosaur are rare and therefore expensive due to size and rarity). Last August when I went to Sydney for BAKUC, I went to the museum up there to have a look at the Dinosaur exhibition. On the way out, the gift shop had a good range of Dinosaur figures released by Collecta for a reasonable price. In the range that was there, I found a Brachiosaurus and I grabbed it right away so I could finally paint myself a one of these Sauropods.

I began the build by removing the copyright information on the underside of the stomach but shaving it off with the hobby knife and then adding the skin detail back by making a texture stamp of the existing skin pattern using Repliscale, adding Milliput to the area that I had removed the copyright stuff and then stamping the texture onto the Milliput.

Once the Milliput had hardened enough, I primed the figure and then painted using Greens, Reds, Browns and Tans. I followed that up with a light dry brushing with black to highlight the scales a little bit.

For the base, I used a plastic base than I had found somewhere and added trees (using the Woodlands Scenics armatures) and flock for the grass. The main idea for the base was just something small and simple to display the Brachiosaur on - I didn't want a massive diorama base this time around.

All up, it was a nice and quick build that has helped my modelling mental state. The figure is greatly detailed and required only a small amount of work to get it fixed up for painting. Great to do a quick build finally!