Kit Information :

Scale : Unknown

Grade : Unknown

Made by : Lindberg

Completed : August 12 2007

Box Art : (re-issued art)

Box art

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Here it is folks, my first serious attempt at something that's not mechanical, the Corythosaurus casuarius!

I originally got this kit (and two others) way back in the early 1990's during the craze that occured when the first Jurassic Park movie came out. I found some inspiration to revisit these kits when I came across a few models on the internet that people had done. I searched eBay for a while looking for some Dinosaurs to do and then it hit me. I had a few in a box somewhere. I ended up searching through the boxes in my shed and found this kit and the Stegosaurus and Velociraptor.

Removing the seams was tricky. I'm used to the simple seams that usually occur with Gundam kits - you know, glue, putty and sand smooth. This kit was harder because the seams were either in a very visible spot and held skin details or where at the joins, again where detail needed to be. With a little putty, my Dremel tool, and some cool painting techniques, I managed to hide the seams and return some of the detail lost when I sanded it back.

My original paint scheme had some tricky snake-like patterns along the back. I ended up going with a generic Dinosaur scheme because sometimes simpler is better.

For the base, I wanted to do something so I could get some practice in using water effects. I ended up making a river side scene with hand made trees, reeds in the water and even a few lillypads. The base was made with polystyene covered in a Celluclay-type material and moulded down into the river bed. Aquarium rocks were used to cover the river bed and straw for the reeds. The lillypads were made with plastic sheeting puched out with a hole punch and hammer. They were painted green and a small triangle shape cut out of them to look like real ones do.

Overall, I am quite happy with how it finally turned out. I learnt many different and new techniques which will help me out in future projects.

Now, back to Gundam!