Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : High Grade

Made by : Bandai

Completed : March 2006

Box Art :


other Information :

MS-07H8 Gouf Flight Type

Gouf Flight Type

Made over February and March 2006, another of my models : the 1/144 HG Gouf Flight Type taken from the 08th MS Team.

I decided to go with a 'Desert / Dirty' theme this time around. I took inspiration from several models I have seen online to finally decide on the colour scheme.

I used Tamiya Deck Tan for the main colours but it turned out more greyish rather than the 'deserty' colours I had hoped for. Either way, it probably looks better in this colour.

Olive Drab was used on the darker sections (like the feet and chest for example).

The legs were a bit of a pain to work on because of the size and the fact that there is a dirty big seam line right across the intake fans. After alot of sanding and swearing, I finally got rid of them.

Tamiya Dark Copper was used for the weaponry (the shield, gun barrels, sword and even on the power conduits).

The Mono-eye was simply drilled out a little with my Dremel, and painted with chrome silver first then followed with clear green. Painting silver behind first helps highlight the clear green with it is thinly applied. Problem with this is that I drilled the hole out so the clear green decided to pool in the centre of the eye, making it much darker than I wanted. Oh well.

Weathering was done with the Tamiya Weathering set - which is pretty much a pastel set - using the Soot and Rust colours to highlight the edges and give it a dirty look (especially around the leg fan exhausts). A very thin panel line was was also done to the arms and upper legs. I decided against the lower legs as I felt the weathering was enough.

I entered this kit in two online competitions (Plamo's Out of the Box and Penetrate's Model Comp) but unfortunately I didn't win any prizes (I came 5th in Penetrate's comp but I didn't place in the Plamo one).

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