Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : HGUC

Made by : Bandai

Completed : July 2012

In-Progress Report

other Information :



Got bored a few weeks ago and decided to revisit an old build that had been relegated out of the display cabinet, the HGUC Guncannon. I decided to take it off the base it was on and strip all the paint back to the primer and modify/repaint it.

The kit was soaked in Window cleaner for a while to help lift the acrylic paint. It was scrubbed with a toothbrush and about 98% of the paint came off fine. There was some left over, but each piece was sanded down and reprimed so that caused no issues.

A few minor mods were done including moving the side vents from the rear jetpack to the chest armour and then modding the jetpack with new, smaller vents and some snake chain connecting it to the Guncannon. I also added some small vents, minus molds and styrene shapes all over the kit.

Painting was done with the Candy method but instead of chrome, I used Mr Metal Aluminium which was topped with Mr Hobby Clear Red. The feet and other armour parts were done with Mr Hobby Red Steel and Tamiya NATO Black whilst the head was done with plain old Mr Hobby White.

Aurora visor paper was added to the visor and the lenses on the rifle. The whole kit was clear coated, some panel lines done with a marker and then finally given a top coat with Gaia Flat Clear. The base was simply a wooden coaster, scribed in a criss cross pattern like a tarmac and then painted with NATO Black first and then Mr Hobby Barley Grey second.

Just a quick and simple build this time around to break the boredom a little - there are a couple of errors on the final product but overall I'm not really fussed at the moment with them.

Now onto something a bit more complicated!!