Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : HGUC

Made by : Bandai

Completed : Dec 2012

Box Art :

Box art


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other Information :

RGZ-95 ReZel - "The Red-Zel"


Sometimes modding and scratchbuilding can get a bit much. When it does, I find it theraputic to just paint something - you know, just grab a kit, prime it and paint away - which is what I did recently with a HGUC ReZel.

Originally, this was built to go with the Kshatriya build from last year but I ended up not using him for that. Fast forward a year or so later and I finally got sick of the snapped kit standing there staring at me mockingly. Stuff it, I thought and primed him up and decided to make him a sort of partner for the Bl-Unicorn, the Red-Zel.

I began with a base coat of Tamiya Red over the main parts with Gunze Russet used for the alternate red (such as the chest). All of the white parts were painted with Mr Metal Chrome but ended up having to hand brush a lot of those parts again as Mr Metal tends to rub off quite easy when handled unless sealed (which I forgot to do before handling the parts). The internal armour was done with Gunze Red Steel (keeping with the red theme).

I used some Aurora film for the sensors on the chest and shoulders as well as the face visor. For the round sensors on the shoulders, I used pre-cut dome shaped Aurora film. Panel lining was done with a 0.1 marker where possible and the rear piping details were hand brushed with Mr Metal paints.

The base is a simple MDF coaster that I scribed a couple of lines into and attached a couple of vents and hex bolts. That was painted with Gunze Dark Grey and then shaded a little with pastels.

Overall, it's not one of my best but it was a quick, simple build to relax the mind a little. The ReZel is a great kit though, well designed and articulated for a HGUC so I can probably see myself doing another one some other time (maybe even a Master Grade!).