Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : HGUC

Made by : Bandai

Completed : 13th Nov 2006

Box Art :


other Information :

msm-07 Z'Gok


Done so fast that I didn't have time to do an In-Progress ... the HGUC Z'Gok!

My plan for this kit was simple - use it as a test bed for two things. First, to test out a new type of primer (well, a cheaper one than the Tamiya type that I generally use) and secondly, to test out a paint technique called 'Candying'.

I've been trying to source a cheap alternative to Tamiya primers for a while now and all I seem to find is primers designed for metal use and/or enamel types that are expensive (well, expensive for what I want to do with it). I eventually tracked one type down recently - albeit an enamel type - that is suitable for plastics. I thought this kit would be good to try it out on (it was a very cheap kit you see) and the results were far from what I had wanted. The primer took ages to dry properly (as it is an enamel type) and the acrylics that I air brushed over the top didn't want to adhere to it very well (even though the sales man told me that it should be fine to use acrylics with it). I eventually got it to work by adding a clear coat over the initial color.

When it came to the colors and design, I had planned to have the Zeon Crest on the MS' head and then candy coat over the top of it. That sort of didn't work out how I wanted it to so I just went with the candy effect. To get this effect, all I did was color the parts I wanted in Chrome and once that dried, I coated the Chrome parts with Clear Blue. The other parts were just given a coat of blue or gun metal. I finished up by shading with the Tamiya Weathering Set (Soot color again) and dry brushing the vents with chrome silver. The mono-eye is just a metallic sticker taken from another kit and cut to size.

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