Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : High Grade

Made by : Bandai

Completed : May 2013

Box Art :


In-Progress Report

other Information :



The Kapool is a strange kit to work on, design wise and construction wise. I was inspired to try one of these after seeing my friend Alan's (Mokana Man) version of it at Model Expo 2012. When I was in Sydney not long after that, I saw one in the Hobbyco store in the QVB in the heart of the city so I grabbed it and snapped it together in my hotel room the night before the GBWC 2012.

It sat on my work bench assembled and ready to be puttied and sanded for a long time (9 months I think) until I got the urge to finally do something with it.

I began by removing the seams which, on this kit, are horrible. They run up the arms and legs and because those bits have inner and outer sections, sanding was a nightmare. I did a couple of small mods like replacing the thrusters with IC pins and replacing the Monoeye with a red Dome sticker.

Painting was done with standard military greens with some metallics. Decals were added and then weathering was done with the sponge chipping method and followed up with some washes and pigments.

All up it was a fun little build even if the seam lines were a nightmare to work with. I just hope that one day there is an update of this kit as it is a great design but doesn't get the love it deserves.