Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : HGUC

Made by : Bandai

Completed : August '08

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The Marasai would have to be the one Mobile Suit I would really like to build in Master Grade form. It's one of those designs that have always stuck in my head, mainly due to its 'uniqueness' and raw power (for a grunt). When the Plamo WOOB 3 Zeta Gundam Challenge changed the competition rules from a HGUC Zeta to any HGUC from the Zeta series (to attract more entries to an otherwise quite contest), I immediately ordered the HGUC kit from Hobby Search as a second entry. I chose it for two reasons, one because I like the design and I'll probably never get to build a Master Grade version, and two because it's one Mobile Suit that is rarely seen and regular readers of the Ghost of Zeon would know that I like my builds to be different and unique.

My original entry into the Plamo WOOB 03, the HGUC Zeta Gundam, involved a ton of modifications (including scratchbuilding and other cosmetic mods), but this time I planned to only do some simple mods to try and enhance the look of the kit.

I have done a few 'Candy coats' in the past, but nothing involving a high shine, chrome finish that I've seen on other websites. I attempted something similar with the Tachikoma I built around 12 months ago, but it didn't turn out how I wanted, so now it was time to do the job right.

The painting involved priming, a black gloss enamel base coat, an even coating of Alclad II Chrome once the enamel had fully cured, and then it was topped with the Clear Colours of choice (either orange, red or green).

All of the power conduits were removed and replaced with springs (on the backs of the legs), piping and springs (on the waist and face) or nothing at all (backs of the arms). Adler's Nest brand armour spikes were added to the shoulder armour, with the spikes painted with clear red and the collars left chrome silver.

The rear thrusters were replaced with Aluminium ones, and all the small thrusters were drilled out and IC pins were mounted in them.

Decals, from Samuel Decals, were added to various parts of the kit and, best of all, metal transfers from Akocreations were used in place of beads and piping. I really liked using these transfers and I'll be getting some more soon to use on future kits.

To finish up, I salvaged an old circuit board from a DVD drive and mounted the kit on it with some brass rod and CA glue.

And, finally, I'm trialing something new on the Ghost of Zeon. Below you'll find pictures of the front and back of the model in question, labelled with all of the modifications and changes that were made so you, the reader, have a better understanding of what has been fully done to the kit :

Mods done
Mods done rear

If you like this new feature of the site, drop me a line via the email and let me know whether it's good, bad or what can be done to make it better.

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