Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : MG

Made by : Bandai

Completed : May 2014

Box Art :


In-Progress Report

other Information :

  • Commended award at the 2014 Australian Model Expo (Gundam/Mecha Category).

MG Geara Doga


This model took me a while to complete. I got it around the time it was released in October 2013 and after quickly building it, it sat there on my shelf for 6 months.

At that point, I decided to do some work on it and began the painting process, choosing some military colours that were a bit lighter than the OOB colours. The inner frame and the yellow pipings were left unpainted because I wanted to trial leaving the inner frames and only flat coating them. The yellow pipes, well, they are made of rubber and paint will not stick to them at all.

After that, it sat on my bench for another couple of months until just before the 2014 Australian Model Expo when I thought that it would be good if I quickly finished it for the competition. I added some decals and did some weathering using a sponge over a couple of hours and then made a quick base for him to stand on. Nothing fancy, just something to stand him on.

It's a nice kit and a shame that I didn't put more time and effort into it, but even for a simple OOB build, it turned out reasonably well.