Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade

Made by : Bandai

Completed : February 2007

Box Art :

Box art

other Information :

MS-07B Gouf

MS-07B Gouf

Introducing my entry for the 2007 Plamo OOB Competition - the 1/100 Master Grade Gouf!

I had originally planned a whole heap of modifications for this kit (including adding stuff like brass power conduits and LED mono-eye) but I decided it would be of better use to make it Out Of the Box and improve my painting skills some more (plus this kit was the only Master Grade based on a 0079 Mobile Suit I had on hand that was accepted in the competition).

The color scheme I had originally planned to have was a deep orange colour as the main color with blacks and grays as the less prominent ones. I started with a black base coat then added a light coating of Dark Copper over the top to give the undercoat some 'bling' effect. I top coated with Tamiya Clear Orange and instead of the nice, deep metallic orange I had envisaged, I got a dark metallic brown. It wasn't the color I really wanted but I am still more than happy with the outcome.

For the Heat Sword, I used the candy effect that I have been using of late (and what I used to get the metallic brown color). The blade was given a black base coat with the lower half coated with Tamiya Chrome Silver which was blended back into the black near the top of the blade. The top half was then coated in Tamiya Clear Red and the bottom half in Tamiya Clear Orange. I painted the blade as such so it would give the 'glowing hot' feel of the Gouf's Heat Sword. I used a similar technique for the Heat Rod but I replaced the base coat with Gunmetal rather than black and lightly covered it in Clear Red. The tip was given a Chrome Silver coating to enhance the 'glowing' feel.

Some dry brushing with light gray was done to the black pieces of armour to simulate some wear and tear and the thrusters where given a black wash to simulate 'thruster burn'. The decals used where official Bandai Waterslides made for the Master Grade Gouf and were purchased from Hobbylink Japan.