Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade

Made by : Bandai

Completed : August 2010

Box Art :

other Information :

Kneel Before Your God - Zaku II Vs GM


A few months ago, I built a Zaku II Version 2.0 Master Grade kit which I made look like a cross between steampunk and medieval.

At the time, I didn't get to finish it the way I really wanted before the Australian Model Expo 2010 came around so I plonked him on a simple base and called him done. Unfortunately, a lot of people commented on the pose that I gave the kit and it didn't fare as well as I had hoped at Model Expo - again due to the pose and the way the axe was being held. I took all of these comments on board and decided to re-visit the build I had dubbed 'The Zeonic Knight' and try and finish the kit how I had wanted in the first place.

I began by removing the Zaku II from the old base and fixing up the pose so the legs were a little closer together in a standing position rather than an 'action' styled pose. I chose a larger base as a GM was to be added and worked out roughly where the Zaku was to stand.

By that time, the GM ver 2.0 MG kit had arrived in the mail from HobbySearch and I snapped that together as quick as I could as I only had 3 weeks at this point to get it finished for the first ever Australian BAKUC. Once he was snapped, I went ahead and did some battle damage effects using my hobby knife, soldering iron and rotary tool. At this point, I thought that chopping off the GMs arm would look cool as the pose planned involved a dominatingly posed Zaku about to chop off the GMs head and having half an arm would make it near impossible for the GM to save its head.

Once the damage was done, painting followed but I had some issues with cracking paint and getting a uniform white colour (which is one of the hard painting tasks to get right in the modeling world). Decals were added, the damaged areas weathered and then panel lines washed on with Blakc Oil paints.

The base itself was painted first with textured brown paint to give a little grit to the dirt areas and then topped with small rocks, green and brown flock and a little sprinkle of grey ballast for some contrast.

I finished it two days before it was due to be handed in at BAKUC and I'm glad I did as I managed to snare 2nd Place in the Open Expert Category!! Here are pictures of the 2nd Place Medal and Cetificate :

Overall, I am glad I revisited the Zaku build. It is something I have never done before but I felt that the Zaku had a lot more potential than just a single model on a small base - it needed to tell a story that involved kicking Feddie butt!!

My passion for Gundam kits has been reignited with this build, so I am off now to start building for next years BAKUC!