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Scale : N/A

Grade : N/A

Made by : Unknown

Completed : May 2014

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Mini Tachikoma


When I was in Japan in December 2014, I found one of those small figures that plugs into your smartphone headphone jack of the Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex.

I began by removing the headphone jack from underneath it and then primed it using the standard primer as it was a red colour and I wanted it to be the standard blue. Once primed, I air brushed some candy blue over the top (black, chrome and then clear blue). Next up I took a very small brush and hand brushed all the small details I could, before clear coating with a clear gloss.

The base was very simple. I took a small piece of styrene and scribed a square pattern all over like a tarmac base. Using some electronic capacitors, I made some small barrels, and then added a HO scale figure to add a sense of scale to the scene.

All up, it was a fun distraction build and something a little different that what I normally do. If I find some more of these, I'll probably give it a go again.