Kit Information :

Scale : Unknown

Grade : Unknown

Made by : Lindberg

Completed : 3rd April 08

Box Art : (re-issued art)


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Introducing my second Dinosaur build - the Velociraptor.

As with the Corythosaurus, I originally got this kit way back in the early 1990's during the original Jurassic Park craze. I found them hidden away in my shed and decided to try and re-build them and make something special with them.

The 'Raptor was a straight forward assembly but the seams were an absolute nightmare to get rid of. I used putty (both epoxy and normal types) to fill the seams and sanded them right back. As with the previous Dinosaur build that I did, sanding takes away a lot of skin detail which had to be put back with the use of needle files, putty, my rotary hobby tool, and the sponge and primer technique. The had needed to be pinned on to the arms also as rough handling when I was younger had snapped them off and left little to attach to.

The internal parts of the jaw were painted before fully assembling the head to make painting much easier. Once it was time to prime the kit, the jaw was masked off with good ol' Blu-Tak. The eye was painted with the Candy technique - black, chrome, clear yellow and clear green in that order. The eye 'slit' was drawn on with a fine tip black technical marker and the flecks around it was dotted on with a brown technical pen.

The body was painted with a combination of Brown, Olive Green, Olive Drab, and Desert Yellow. The pattern along the spine and upper back was air brushed free hand.

An oil wash of Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna was added to enhance the details and creases in the skin.

The base was made with real sticks, air drying clay (which was painted with Flat Earth and Olive Green), Green flock, Long grasses (Woodlands Scenics brand), and all topped with some herbs from the pantry. This was all held together with white PVA glue and spray adhesive.

Overall, I enjoyed this Dinosaur (apart from the seams). It is nicely detailed, easy to handle and very easy to paint. It has left me wanting to do more Dinosaurs which I will do soon, but I'll leave that as a suprise for a future build!

UPDATE 29th June 2008 :

This kit was entered into the 2008 Australian Plastic and Scale Model Championships and I am proud to annouce that it won 2nd place in the Miscellaneous Category!

Expo win!

Update : 25th May 2009

This kit was entered into the 2009 ScaleACT Model Expo and Competition and I am proud to annouce that this build managed to snare 3rd place in the Prehistoric Category!