Kit Information :

Scale : SD

Grade : N/A

Made by : Bandai

Completed : July 2011

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In-Progress Report

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SD Baund Doc


The design of the Baund Doc has always interested me. It is a strange mix of dog, crab and Egyptian styles but to this day there is no real correct kit officially or readily available apart from the SD version. There are a few resin garage kits around but they are increasingly difficult to source. I had originally planned to enter an SD Zeong into the 2011 Australian Gunpla Builders World Cup but the rules stipulated that the entries in the secondary categories must be OOB only and have no major modifications made. Since I had added a ton of LEDs to the SD Zeong, I had to choose something else for my SD entry and whilst I was picking up an SD Sinanju, I saw the SD Baund Doc on the shelf in Animasia (in Melbourne) so I snatched him up and decided that he was unique enough to use as an entry into the GBWC.

The kit itself went together quick and easy (only about 20 minutes to fully snap together and clean up ready for glueing) and wasn't too bad looking either when done - some SD kits look horrible when snapped together. The kit is colored in Gates Cappa's scheme from Zeta Gundam (which I don't remember at all for some reason but I do remember a red Baund Doc from Double Zeta) which is different shades of purple. I thought about repainting in the same colors but they were quite bland and boring so I went with a NATO Black, Brass and Russett color scheme.

I began by painting the areas that I wanted Russett and then masking them off when dry. This is when I began to have issues. Never have I had masking fail in such a way as had happened with this one - I painted on the NATO Black and then removed the masking tape and the tape decided it would take the gloss off the Russett leaving it looking terrible with a flat and gloss texture that resembled blistered skin. I didn't want to strip everything back as the NATO Black was perfectly painted, so I painstakingly hand brushed Russett back over the top of the damaged paint. After a couple of tests with different amounts of paint and thinners, I got a reasonable finish and then proceeded to do all the Russett areas until I was satisified with the results. Once all the colors went down, a decent coating of clear was given and then panel line washes of black on the Russett / Brass parts and Gold on the NATO Black parts was applied and then topped with a Flat Clear.

The Beam Saber was done with a simple candy coat with Aluminium, Clear Blue and then Prismatic Sapphire Alclad to give it some sparkley effects. To finish up, the visor sticker from the kit was applied to the visor area.

The base was quickly thrown together to give an Egyptian crossed with Mars theme - sort of like the Pyramids of Mars I suppose. I worked out where I wanted the Baund Doc to stand and then placed rocks around him with the focal point aimed at a pyramid shaped rock to the right of him. Once I was satisfied that it looked OK, I air brushed browns and reds all over and then followed up with some pastel shading with black pastels.

Not a bad kit to work on, I just wish that Bandai would release a HGUC or MG version of the Baund Doc - now that would be awesome!!