Kit Information :

Scale : SD

Grade : N/A

Made by : Bandai

Completed : Feb 2012

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In-Progress Report

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SD Kshatriya


Another SD! This time, the SD Kshatriya!

I planned for this build to be for two different competitions - the HLJ Sci Fi Competition and the SD Category for the Gunpla Builders World Cup 2012 but after completion, I found that I am currently ineligible for the SD Category has I have placed 2nd in last years GBWC (which kind of sucks) so I entered it in the HLJ Sci Fi Competition.

It is a straight OOB build with a custom red colour scheme. For the main red, I used normal Tamiya acrylic red and for the secondary red, I used Mr Hobby Russett. For the feet, I trialed candy red with multiple layers of Smoke until it was a deep, dark maroon colour. Mr Metal Brass and Aluminium were used for the metallic details, the monoeye is a candy blue and the beam sabers were done with a candy green topped with an Alclad Scarabeus Prismatic.

The volcano on the base was made using the top of a plastic 600ml Coke bottle cut and glued in place. This was then covered in air drying clay, painted and topped with flock approriately. The smoke was made with Teddy Bear fluff that was sprayed with hair spray to hold its shape. It was then air brushed with yellow, orange and smoke. The idea I had was to use an LED to light up the volcano from the inside, creating a glow in the smoke. I trialled several different LEDs and ended up scrapping the idea as it wasn't working how I wanted.

Overall, this build was pretty fun. The SD Kshatriya is a nice little kit (although I wish there were more to it like the fin funnel systems under the binder wings like the full size version has) and it was a pleasure to work on.