Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : High Grade AGE

Made by : Bandai

Completed : Oct 2012

Box Art :


In-Progress Report

other Information :

Shaldoll Custom



Back in August 2012, there was talk of doing a Group Build over at the forums. What began as a proposal turned into several polls ultimately deciding on the HG AGE Shaldoll Custom as the kit for the build. Whilst many people bag this kit for being too ugly, I could see the potential for mods and stuff which is why I voted for it to be the Group Build kit.

Once my kit arrived from Hobbyco, I snapped it straight away as I wanted to get cracking on it asap. Once that was done, I began modding by adding heaps of MSG parts like vents, minus molds and hexagon bolts. I added a piece of shoulder armour from a NG Providence Gundam onto the rear back pack as a sort of cover for the thrusters and also added a cut down propellant tank taken from an old 1/100 Gerbera Tetra kit.

Two Unicorn gatlings were added to the top of the shoulders as I wanted this to be a big gun carrying machine. I modded them so they slotted into the shoulder armours and added some snake chain for power conduits to the guns from the back pack.

Painting came next and I went with a Cobolt Blue and Grey scheme with inner armour done with Red Steel and the vents done with Mr Metal Silver and Brass. Once that was dry, I weathered the kit by adding paint chips by using a small brush and some Mr Metal Dark Iron and Silver. The visor was done using the metallic sticker that came with the kit then topped with an Auroa sticker to give it a multi colour shine.

All up, the Shaldoll is a pretty neat little kit. Posability is excellent and the modification posabilities are endless. It was a relatively quick build and now it's over, I'm back on my entry for the 2013 GBWC.