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Grade : NA

Made by : Tamiya

Completed : March 2014

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Tyrannosaurus (Tamiya)


It's been a while since I built a Dinosaur model so when I recently got hold of a Tamiya Tyrannosaurus kit from the Bayonet Model Show, I thought it would make a good model to get back into that subject.

The kit went together very well and it's extremely well detailed. The kit comes with parts to make different poses of the Tyrannosaur - you can have him running, standing, mouth open or mouth closed. I chose running with the mouth closed mainly because a lot of Tyrannosaur models generally have the mouths open in a roaring pose.

The seam lines were removed using Milliput and texture stamps and then he was primed and prepared for painting. I chose browns as the base colours and topped that with some black and white mottled effects along the spine. The small details were painted like the claws and stuff and then it was given a wash with a brown artist oil mix.

I had planned on making a decent sized diorama base for him, but ended up using a small block of wood, enough for him to stand on, and added some scenery stuff.

All up, it was a great return to Dinosaur models and hopefully I will have the time to return to some more soon!