Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : N/A

Made by : David Krentz

Completed : May 2011

In-Progress Report

other Information :



I recently found out over at the Clubhouse forums about a new range of mini-Dinosaur models being released by renowned Dino artist David Krentz.

David has been releasing small 1/144 Dinosaur models of some popular beasts. 1/144? Yes, 1/144 and they are small. So small in fact that they are a single piece kit that have been 'printed' via a 3D printer by a company called Shapeways.

After seeing a couple of these painted, I instantly purchased 2 models, one being the Ankylosaurus whilst the other being the Triceratops. After a couple of weeks (by the time they were 'printed' and then sent to me from Europe), they arrived safely and I was instantly impressed by the quality of the models.

There was no clean up at all, so I began by priming and then air brushing on greens and greys. Once that was done, I dry brushed everything with browns and blacks until I felt that there was enough detail showing. A little dab of white for the eyes and then I made a quick little base using some florist wood and some Woodlands Scenics materials to make it look like it was walking through a forest.

Overall, these 1/144 models are excellent value and excellent to work with. I'll be working on the Ankylosaurus next but in the meantime, check out this model on the Shapeways site.