Kit Information :

Scale : 1/56

Grade : NA

Made by : Revell

Completed : June 2010

Boxart :

In-Progress Report

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I've always wanted to dip into the Star Wars universe when it came to my modelling hobby. I got a hold of the Snowspeeder a year or so ago and still haven't touched it yet. I've looked around for some other ones to do and there are a ton of cool ones out there but the prices for the kits are astronomical due to Star Wars licensing.

I did manage to find a cheap kit in the form of the Revell Easykit Pocket series X-Wing. It only cost me $20AUD from a store in Melbourne so in that respect, it was relatively cheap.

The kit itself is fantastically detailed for such as small scale and it was already molded in some basic colours (these kits are aimed at the novice builders after all). It fit together well and had minimal seams to remove (the only real seams to remove were on the thrusters so it was a bit annoying in that respect).

Painting was straight forward. Primed, black shading, white coat, masking, red and black sections, hand brushing silver and gold, clear coating, washing in Black artist oils and finally top coated and sealed with a flat coat. This model also marked a few firsts for me too. It was my first attempt at air brushing using general thinners to thin the paint at a 1:1 ratio and it was also my first time using Future as a clear coat. Both went better than expected and I will be using both in future builds.

The base consists of an electronic board and the X-Wing was mounted to it using a silver rod that was attached to either end after drilling an appropriately sized hole.

All in all, it was a fun quick build. These small Star Wars kits are packed with tons of detail and are well designed and molded. If you get a chance, then please grab one and try it out - you wont be disappointed!