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Painting Beam Sabers :

I like to use Candy Effects to paint my Beam Weaponry as it gives off an electric feel to the piece and here is an easy guide to doing this yourself.

Step 1 :

Take the primed piece and paint with a black base coat.

First Layer

Using a black base coat will give a deeper color to the final piece. If you use a lighter color, such as white, the final color will be more lighter and vibrant.

Step 2 :

Once the black dries, apply a good covering with a silver color. In this case, I have used Tamiya Chrome Silver but any silver will do. Note also different silvers will give different effects much like the base coat variations do to the final color.

Second Layer

Step 3 :

Let the previous layer dry completely and then give it a good covering with Clear Yellow. This layer acts as the main coat for the final color.

Third Layer

Step 4 :

For the final layer, coat about 2/3 of the weapon in Clear Red starting from the top down, adjusting the amount of paint air brushed as it gets towards the base of the saber. The bottom 1/3 should be the previous layer blending into the top layer.

Final Layer

Painting this way will give a 'heat' effect where the tip is red hot then as you do down the saber, the temperature is not as hot.

Depending on the type of saber you are using (I'm using a SEED type saber in this tutorial) you can now go and do a quick wash over the bottom section and you are done!