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Cast Iron Effects Using Glue :

In this tutorial, I'll explain an easy way to get a cast iron look which is ideal for making weathered and old looking armour for your Gundam kits (or any type of mechanical kit like tanks or planes for example).

WARNING : The glue and the processes involved in this method can be harmful to ones health, so ensure that adequate ventilation and protection are used when replicating this tutorial.


What you need :

  1. A Solvent based modelling glue - in this case I have used Plastruct Plastic Weld. It MUST be a solvent based glue as the effects can only be achieved via melting the plastic using the solvent power of the glue itself.
  2. Sandpaper (fine grit).
  3. An old toothbrush (or an old painting brush with the bristles trimmed short would be adequate as well).
  4. The piece of the model you want to give the effect to.


What you need

Step 1 :

Take the piece and apply a coating of the solvent based glue - in this case the Plastruct glue comes with an applicator brush which makes this part of the process much easier.

Step 1

Do a small section at one time as the solvent glue can seriously warp the plastic if applied too thick and left to sit too long.

Step 2

Step 2:

Take your toothbrush and quickly brush the area. Make sure to do this as soon as possible after applying the glue as the longer the glue sits, the more chance there is of melting a hole into the piece when you start to brush it.

Step 3

Step 3:

The glue will dry quickly as you brush and the piece should have a similar surface texture to the picture below.

Step 4

Now repeat the process all over the piece, making sure to do it in sections rather than all at once.

Step 5

Step 4:

Let the glue dry for a little while and then attack it with the sandpaper. You don't need to sand it right back - just rub it over the top to remove the long stringy and jagged pieces of melted plastic that are sitting up.

Step 6

Step 5:

Finally, apply your primer and then it should be ready for paint!

Step 7


There you have it, an alternative to the sponge method of adding texture to a model and a sure fire way to get a realistic cast iron look for your model.