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Using Repliscale :

Repliscale has to be one of the most essential products to have in ones arsenal when it comes to building Dinosaur models. It is a 2 part rubber compound that will accurately mould the detail of the surface it is applied to which is ideal for returning skin details to Dinosaur kits once the epoxy putty has been applied to the gaps.

In this quick tutorial, I'll give a quick run down of how to use this wonderful product.

Step One :

Repliscale comes in two seperate parts that need to be mixed together, so grab those parts, a container or plate to mix on, and something to mix with (a small spatula or a similar shaped sculpting tool would be ideal).


Step Two :

Take equal parts from each compound and place them in the container. Mix them until the colour is uniform.


Step Three :

Here you will need to work fast as Repliscale has a drying time of 30 seconds so using the spatula like tool, apply the mixed Repliscale to the area you wish to copy. The idea is to make a 'negative' that can be used to press on the details of the skin into the soft putty.


Step Four :

Wait for the Repliscale to dry completely (I usually give it a few minutes to fully cure all the way through), then peel the set rubber off the model.


Step Five :

With the Repliscale removed, you now have a skin texture stamp that can be used to press the details back into the soft putty on your kit.


Repliscale is by far the best invention ever when it comes to dinosaur modelling. I used to sit there and try and re-sculpt details into the putty, but using this product, I can now return all the skin details in just a few seconds.

Repliscale can be purchased from Mike Evans at The Alchemy Works.