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Acrylic Paint Stripping :

Ever painted your model in a colour only to find that it was the wrong choice?

Sure, you could paint over it with another, but 9 times out of 10, the previous paint layer effects the colour and shade of the new layer.

Why not remove the whole lot down to the primer then. "But I don't want to sand it all back!" I hear you crying, well, you don't have to and I'll show you how.

(Note that this is a proven method with Tamiya Acrylics and Tamiya Primer - I cannot guarantee that this will work on other brands of paints (and it certainly doesn't work with enamel paints either))

WHAT YOU NEED : Your painted parts, a small dish (deep enough to dip parts into), cotton buds (you know, those things you clean your ears out with), rubber gloves, face mask and general everyday Glass/Window Cleaner.

STEP 1 :

Select the part you wish to strip the paint off. In my case, I will be removing the paint from the arm piece of the Gouf Flight Type.

STEP 2 :

Fill the small dish up with the Window Cleaner, deep enough to coat at least one side of the piece you plan on stripping.

STEP 3 :

Dip the piece into the Window Cleaner, coating as much as you can. If you can't coat much (if it is a big piece for example), don't worry, you'll just have to do it a few more times rather than just once.

STEP 4 :

Get a clean rag and wipe the Window Cleaner off the piece. You'll notice that the paint has already started to come off - wiping it down will help remove any stubborn sections. If there is any paint remaining, give the piece another wash and wipe it down again with the rag. If done correctly, the acrylic paint should be gone and the primer is visible - just like it was never painted in the first place.

STEP 5 :

For the real hard to get places or the more stubborn areas, use the cotton bud dipped in the Window Cleaner to 'scrub' the part.

STEP 6 :

Give the part a wash in clean, cold water to get rid of the excess Window Cleaner then give it another wipe with a clean rag to dry it off.

An Alternate Way To Apply The Fluid :

If you have Window Cleaner with a trigger bottle, place a rag or two underneath the piece you wish to strip and squirt away!

Be warned though, the Window Cleaner will soak into the rag and your workspace can end up messy.

Remember to do this in a well ventilated area, Window Cleaner can be quite harmful after prolonged exposure to it.