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1/144 Scale Thrusters :

I once saw an article on the web where the author used Integrated Circuit sockets as small thrusters on the Gundam they were building. I've since forgotten / lost the address to the page so I thought I'd put together a quick how to for future reference.

Edit : found the link - click here to go to the article (it's in Japanese too).

Tools that you will need :

  1. Pin Vise with appropriately sized bits (small one for the pin and a larger one for the socket).
  2. The piece you are planning on adding the thrusters to.
  3. IC Socket round pin type (can be purchased from good Electronic Supply stores).
  4. Cutters to extract the pin from the plastic.
What you will need


Step 1 : Take the piece you are adding the thrusters too and make a small hole with the pin vise in the location where the thruster is to be attached. Use the smaller bit to make a pilot hole first, then use the larger bit to open the hole up for the thruster to sit it. Size the drill bit for the job against the pin of the socket first.

Step 1


Step 2 : Take the IC Socket and carefully cut away a pin from the rest of the socket, being careful not to damage the pin.

Step 2


Step 3 : Take the cut away pin and carefully cut away the plastic around it. Once one side is removed, it should be easy to just pull the pin out.

Step 3


Step 4 : You should now be left with the pin, just check the end and make sure it isn't damaged. If it is, just cut out a new one.

Step 4


Step 5 : Insert the pins into the holes made earlier and there you have it - easy made 1/144 scaled thrusters! These are ideal for skirt thrusters (as the picture shows) or other small thrusters like in the feet.

Step 5


Using different sized drill bits will change how far the thruster will sit in or extend from the piece so select your drill bit accordingly for how far you want the thruster to recess in or extend out.