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BAKUC Australia 2010 :

On the 7th of August 2010, the first ever Australian BAKUC competition was held at the Sydney Town Hall as a part of the SMASH! Anime Festival and Convention.

Having heard about this a few months previously, I planned for a few months to take as many models as I possibly could as I wished to help provide the first BAKUC with as many models to help boost numbers. It was a long drive to Sydney (10 and a half hours according to my GPS but due to traffic and stuff, it ended up closer to 12 hours) and I arrived the day before so I could make sure my entries were there on time on the Friday.

Being the first ever model competiton in Australia to be dedicated to Bandai kits, I had high expectations of what might be on show. Imagine my suprise when I saw the large amount of models on display the day of the competition and most, if not all of them, were excellent!

Main sponsor of the BAKUC was Hobbyco, a Sydney based model store / importers that are the official distributors of Bandai products in Australia. Hobbyco ran 30 minute 'Gundam Workshops' during the day where Bandai had provided tools and a First Grade Blue Frame Astray kit (which participants were allowed to keep for free) and the only rule was that the kit must be built in 30 minutes. Myself and Alan from the Melbourne Mecha Workshop attended for some fun to see how fast we could build one and Alan knocked his together in 16 minutes with only referring to the instructions once. I took 18 minutes (but I put that down to being tired! LOL!)

Below are the 13 kits that I took to the BAKUC :


I am proud to announce as well, that I managed to snare 2nd Place in the Open Expert Category for my 'Kneel Before Your God!' battle scene (that I only finished two days before the competition entries were due) and 1st place in the SD Category for Char's Z'Gok (an oldy but a goody). I won several kits (including the MG Unicorn (with MS Cage), MG Zeta 2.0 and several BB SD kits), a certificate and, best of all, a SILVER MEDAL!!

The official winners are as follows :



  • 1st - Cheuk Lun Yau.
  • 2nd - Scott Taylor
  • 3rd - Da Su


  • 1st - Darryl Chow
  • 2nd - Jaspur Ross
  • 3rd - Quinito Gonzalez


  • 1st - Scott Taylor
  • 2nd - Jenny Wu
  • 3rd - Tim Fung


  • 1st - Jonathan Domingo
  • 2nd - John Kwan
  • 3rd - Chee Loong Yung


  • 1st - Wai Yin Vivien Lau
  • 2nd - Thomas Young
  • 3rd - Brian Lew-Kee


At the end of the SMASH! Convention, the prizes were handed out and all the BAKUC prize winners had to get up on the main stage to accept their winnings.

See pictures below to see what the medal and certificates are like :

Whilst I was there, I took some video of the event and models on show. Below is the video I have uploaded to YouTube :

I also took pictures of the event and all can be found in the Gallery which can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

If anyone sees their model in the Gallery and would like the original photo, please drop me a line via the Contact page and I'll be more than happy to email them to you.

At this point I would like to thank the organisers of the event for putting faith into a BAKUC for our little country down here all by ourselves, and very special thanks go to Rhyan from Hobbyco for really making it happen - without his passion for the hobby I doubt that this event would have been anywhere near as great as it was.

For more information and coverage on Australia's first BAKUC please visit the following pages :

BAKUC is here to stay in Australia and I can only hope that next year is better again. It really has reignited my passion for Gunpla (it was starting to wane a little over the last year or so) so I will be off now to start on projects for next years BAKUC Australia!!