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The 8th Annual Ballarat Model Expo :

On the 19th of April 2009, the Modelers of Ballarat held their 8th Annual Scale Model Exhibition and "Swap 'n' Sell" at the Caro Convention Center, located at the University of Ballarat's Mount Helen Campus. Being a local boy, I once again made the trek out to the University to have a look and show my support for my home town modelers.

The show opened at 10am, so I turned up on the stroke of 10 and was pleasantly suprised to see a large amount of people already there viewing the models. As with all previous shows, there were no competitions, just friendly displays of the club members models for everyone to enjoy.

As with previous years, there were a large amount of Military and Air Craft models (as per any model show!), with a large selection of Ships and the rare Sci-Fi kit as well.

This year also had more sellers than the previous show, all with a huge range of kits and supplies for sale. Unfortunately though, there wasn't anything that took my fancy this time around. Also in attendance was ModelArt Australia, Australia's leading Model magazine, as both a vendor and regular sponsor of the event.

This year has a lot more kits on display compared to the last few years, maybe finally they have beaten the magical 1000 number the club has been aiming for. Perhaps next year I might get involved myself.

For more information on this and other events in the Ballarat and surrounding areas, please feel free to check out the Modelers of Ballarat website.

For those people who exhibited their kits at the Expo : If you see your kit in the photo gallery and do not want it shown on my site, then please by all means contact me and I'll remove the picture straight away.

Ballarat Expo Gallery