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The 7th Annual Ballarat Model Expo :

On the 20th of April 2008, the Modelers of Ballarat held their 7th Annual Scale Model Exhibition and "Swap 'n' Sell" at the Caro Convention Center, located at the University of Ballarat's Mount Helen Campus.

For those of you who do not know about my home town of Ballarat, it is a country town located in the Australian State of Victoria. Google maps shows Ballarat to be approximately 112km west of Melbourne (Victoria's capital city). It is a city full of history, including the world famous Eureka Rebellion of the late 1800's. For more information about my home town, Wikipedia has an expansive article on Ballarat.

The show opened at 10am, so I turned up just after 10 for a look-see. There were no model competitions at this show, just displays of the club members models for everyone to enjoy.

There was a large amount of Military and Air Craft models, with a sprinkling of Ships and the odd Sci-Fi kit as well.

A number of vendors turned up as well to sell some of their wares, but there was a distinct lack of anything Sci-Fi (a couple of Star Wars kits and some overpriced Gundam bootlegs in particular). Also in attendance was ModelArt Australia, Australia's leading Model magazine, as both a vendor and sponsor of the event.

For a country town, the Ballarat Model Expo contained many models for the public to view - more than would usually be expected that's for sure.

For more information on this and other events in the Ballarat and surrounding areas, please feel free to check out the Modelers of Ballarat website.

For those people who exhibited their kits at the Expo : If you see your kit in the photo gallery and do not want it shown on my site, then please by all means contact me and I'll remove the picture straight away.

Ballarat Expo Gallery