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25th annual Australian model expo:

This year, the Australian Model Expo incorporating the Australian Open Plastic & Scale Model Championships was held on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of June 2008 at the Sandown Racecourse in Melbourne. It had to be pushed back a few weeks as the V8 Supercars Racing meet was changed due to this years Olympics being held when the car race is usually on.

Either way, it was a great event this year - and even better than the last. Over 580 entries were recieved this year, well up from the last event, and this year saw eight, which is everything I built in the last 12 months, of my own entries :


Out of those 8 entries above, I am proud to announce that the Tachikoma place 1st in the Sci Fi Category, the Mk II 3rd in the same category, and the Velociraptor placed 2nd in the Miscellaneous Category. I also recieved 4 Commended Awards for the T-Rex Skeleton, Anti MS Squad dio, the Zeta Gundam, and the Guncannon vs Zaku II dio. Unfortunately, the Corythosaurus didn't rate a mention though. Below is pictures of the three trophies and the Commended award (all 4 were the same this year) :


While I was at the Expo, I managed to snap 150+ pictures and I've compiled them into a Gallery for everyone to check out. Just click the gallery banner at the bottom of the page.

The Aussie Modeller International website also has a gallery page up and can be found by clicking here. My winning models can be seen on page 4 of their gallery.

I'm still over the moon that I actually won a trophy, let alone winning first place in the always tough Sci-Fi category! I've already begun planning my builds for the next 12 months in anticipation of next years event - so here's hoping that I can retain 1st place next year!

For more information on this and forthcoming events, feel free to visit the IPMS Australia site and the Model Expo site.

Expo 08 Gallery