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Monster Model Review Episode #61 :

A few months ago, Rob, from the popular modeling website and YouTube Channel Monster Model Review, sent out a call for content for an upcoming episode. He was after people with experiences with the ITC / Glencoe Dinosaur skeletons to add some more content to the planned episode.

At the time I had just begun to build the Tyrannosaurus Skeleton, so I emailed Rob and offered my kit for the episode. Rob kindly looked at my build, gave it consideration for the episode, and, much kindly, included my build in the episode.

So here it is, episode #61 of Monster Model Review that not only features the T-Rex skeleton that I built, but many others that Rob himself has expertly built and made to look even better than mine :


I'd like to thank Rob for taking the time to include my build in the episode and for permission to embed the video and use his wonderful banner above.

Monster Model Review is an internet television show, with a new episode released each and every Thursday, which covers the exciting world of Monster kit modeling (with resin and vinyl kits from the old 1950's horror movies being a popular subject).

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