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Prehistoric Times Issue #91 Fall 2009 :

Prehistoric Times is one of the longest running Paleo magazines ever. It is a Quarterly printed magazine that contains the latest news, reviews and articles to do with Prehistory (including collectables and model kits).

A few months ago, I submitted an article to Prehistoric Times' editor, Mike Fredericks, about my recent Edmontosaurus build. I wrote a brief description of the build, what I had done with it and included a few pictures of the in-progress and completed stages.

I recently recieved my subscription issue in the mail for Fall 2009 (aka issue #91), and what happened to be on pages 54 and 55? My article, that's what!

Here is the article as it appears in the latest issue of Prehistoric Times (images copyright Prehistoric Times and used here with permission) :

Page 1
Page 2

I would like to thank Mike Fredericks for taking the time to consider and print my article, and give permission to post these scanned images on my site.

For those who are into Dinosaurs, I really recommend getting your hands on the Prehistoric Times magazine. It is filled with great articles on Dinosaurs, collectibles and model kits, as well as a ton of photos and illustrations by its loyal readers.

For more information on the magazine and to order either a sample copy (which is the latest issue at time of ordering) or a subscription, please do not hesitate to visit the Prehistoric Times website at