Kit Information :

Scale : 1/288

Grade : N/A

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : 12th Aug 10

Completed : 22nd Sept 10









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In-Progress : Agguguy

14-08-10 : Something a little different...

Been a few months since I started a proper WIP for a build (the Zeonic Knight was the last one) but since BAKUC has been and gone, I am going to try and make some time to do more of these (even though my life is pretty full at the moment with running a business and all).

At BAKUC, I met up with Alan from the Melbourne Mecha Workshop and at one point during the day we went over to Hobbyco to buy some gear. Alan got a box full of old vintage 1/288 scaled kits (also known as half scaled 1/144's - imagine that hey?) but since he wasn't a fan of the Agguguy kit, he gave it to me and told me to 'have fun' with it. Since most of my different builds are usually a test bed for new techniques, this one will be the test bed for a new technique involving carbon fibre.

Here's the test fit pics :

As you can see it is moulded in one colour only and is a strange design (I'm pretty sure the only anime appearance of this MS is in Gundam ZZ and was originally a MSV design).

More pics now, firstly everything glued up and ready for putty and sanding :

I also want to add a few small cosmetic changes to the kit as well to help jazz it up a little. First up, the heat rods on the ends of the 'hands' are going to be changed with small snake chain. First pic is before, the second is after with the chain test fitted :

The chain will be a different colour later on but I am also considering what to attach to the ends of the chains if anything. Maybe ball bearings?

The back of the torso will be getting a couple of pins attached to it :

I also have made small holes in the head to make small 'vulcan' style holes :

New thrusters for the jetpack as well :

And finally for this update, the current stage of the paint job and the carbon fibre effect I am trialling :

So that's my current stage of this build. Next up, a lot of masking will be happening on the head and arms before beginning the next painting stage. Until then....

17-08-10 : Painting and stuff...

Been busy over the last few nights painting the Agguguy. Here is a couple of pics of the progress so far :

Masked most of the kit and went back over it with Mr Metal Chrome Silver. Once that was dry, I did some panel lining with a .05 marker and then masked the head off so I could paint the visor part black. Here is what he looks like at the moment :

I just need to touch up the edges a little from where the masking bled through a little. As for the chains, I've added some styrene tubing on the tips and attached cut off ends of the skewers I use for painting :

Hopefully, the glue cures fully and the wooden skewer tips hold on strong enough. Once it has dried, these will be painted silver and perhaps a clear colour over the ends.