Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : August 2010

Completed : March 2011









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In-Progress : Gundam GP01

19-09-10 : An older Master Grade....

Recently, I've been spoilt by working on some of the newer Master Grade kits (such as the Zaku II ver 2.0 and the GM ver 2.0) which, while complex to build, eliminate the need for any sort of seam line removal what so ever. Looking through the stash, I found that I still had an old Master Grade Gundam GP01 from 0083. I've decided to build up this kit for a few reasons, the main ones being to help teach myself panel line scribing and to go back to a kit that will require some glue and putty.

Here's the test fit pictures :

My main aim for this kit is to add details (like I did with the Zaku II ver 2.0) and practice panel lining.

I sat down and sketched out a few ideas on a scanned picture from the manual (that one where they show where to put the decals on) so I could work out a rough plan before I got into it too much. Generally, I usually have an idea in my head and just wing it.

First up, I've been working on the shoulder armour first. I've added some vents on top of the shoulders by drilling and cutting out a square shape and adding styrene sheeting for the backing and the vent fin details. Modded on the left, unmodded on the right :

Then for the back of the shoulders, I've added some small styrene details and made a few new panel lines in a 'patchwork' style. Left unmodded and the right modded :

And finally for this update, the fronts of the shoulder armour. Since it is the front and most seen of the shoulder armour, more detail has gone into it. I've cut out a small area in the center, backed it with thin styrene and then added details using styrene tubing, IC pins and thin wire. Panel lines have been added also :

I haven't taken any photos of this but I have also made some small holes in each corner of where the panel lines meet a corner to act as a rivet substitute.

I'm working on the forearms at the moment and will update with pictures when they are done.

09-10-10: More details and stuff...

Slowly progression on this bad boy - here are some pics of the new details added. First, the front and back of the forearms :

They were going to be panel lined but decided to go with a raised design that will be decalled once painted.

Next up is the 'Cyborg' styled eye. I've drill out one side of the eyes and attached a small tube of styrene with an IC pin in the end for a robotic-come-cyborg style eye :

I've added a couple of new V-Fins :

And finally, the new shoulder mount cannon with chain feeding back into the torso :

That was built from an old SEED style gun that I cut down and attached a barrel and scope on top and then used some snake chain to attach it back to the torso.

Leg and feet detail are next and hopefully I can start painting soon (but I have yet to decide what colours to use yet).

27-11-10 : Slowly progressing...

Slowly been working on this since the last update with tons of extra details being added via pla-plating and drilling shallow holes with the pin vise. Here is what the GP01 looks like now that it's ready for priming :

There are a few spots on there that IC socket pins will be added later on (such as the new cyborg styled eye) but now it's time to prime and paint this bad boy!

10-12-10 : The Base ....

Here is what I've been doing instead of painting the GP01 - working on the hangar styled base for the GP01 to stand in.

Most of it has been built using Evergreen styrene sheeting and shapes. The main walls of the base are from a small picture stand. I have also re-used a ton of sprue left overs for wall piping and the like. The 'barrels' are simple electrolytic capacitors used in electronics that have had the metal legs pulled out and then the holes sealed with CA Glue to stop any of the insides leaking out.

Next up, I will be working on the mountain side that will be going behind the base and this will be either forest or desert themed - not sure yet!!

11-01-11: Base nearing completion...

Here is the latest pics of the base including the hillside and access hatch. Picture 1 is the hillside access hatch, picture 2 is the entire base before painting and picture 3 is a teaser shot of the base painted :

And here is a quick shot of the people that will be populating the base shortly :

Basically, there will be some mechanics, the pilot, some Federation officials and someone else hiding near the access hatch trying to gain entry into the Feddie's hillside fortress.

I've begun painting the GP01 too and at this point he will be in greens and greys (military style) but I'm still not 100% convinced on the colour choice yet.

Next update should see the GP01 painted and hopefully weathering etc begun. Until then....