Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : March '10

Completed : May '10








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In-Progress : MG Zaku II Version 2.0

18.03.10 : Back to Gundam building ...

I recently began working on the following, the Master Grade Zaku II version 2.0 (Char Aznable Custom) :

Test fit
Test fit

This kit has some wonderful posing possibilities, such as these :

Jazz hands

But, I wont be using these for this build. I've decided to go with a 'steampunk meets medieval' look and to do that, I will be adding a ton of extra details in the form of styrene sheeting cut into new panels and the like which will be attached to the kit.

I've done a lot of detailing in the couple of weeks since I started this one, and first up here are the arms :


The arms have changed a bit from this picture, but basically, I've added more panels and beads to it. Here are legs now :


And the shield with new spikes added from the 1/144 Marasai kit that I had left over :


The indented panels were done by cutting out the panel shape and attaching thin styrene behind it. Next is the torso :


The chain was attached to the shoulder armour by thin copper wire being threaded through some small holes and glued in place. These ringlets allow me to attach the chain to them by splitting apart the link and then squeezing it back together once on the wire mounts.


Each panel is cut with a hobby knife as accurate as I can and then random shapes are cut from styrene strips and attached with Plastistuct glue. You may notice that there is a lot of glue marks around the details and before you make judgement on them, I have done it on purpose so as it act as rough weld lines and the like. When I paint, the primer will be sponged on so as to give a cast iron look as well which will in turn hide a lot of the glue marks.

I've still got more detailing to do before I can start painting but my plan is to make a medieval style base and make this Zaku a member of the 'Zeonic Knights'.

25-04-10: Details finished and painting commenced....

It's been a while since my last update on this one, but I have made some decent progress (it's been hard to find time whilst trying to balance running my own business and finding time for my hobbies). Here are some pics of the test fit after adding the details :

full detail

There was a little issue of parts not fitting correctly due to the added mesh on the legs, but a bit of sanding and pursuasion fixed that.

Here's the internal frame all painted in a nice Silver (Model Masters Aluminium to be precise) The yellow tinge is the lighting over my model desk :


I'll be weathering using the hair spray technique so I've base coated the armour in black and then given a light, random brown coat for rust. The next picture is the top colour coat, which I went with Tamiya Sky on the legs and arms and Tamiya Olive Drab on the torso. I'll need to do something to highlight the rust on the Olive Drab bits as it is too dark in comparison to the brown for it to stand out like it has on the Sky pieces.