Kit Information :

Scale : N/A

Grade : SD

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : Feb 2011

Completed : May 2011










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In-Progress : SD Zeong

17-04-11 : Over the top mods on an SD? Crazy....

For the last month or so I have been working on a project to test out my abilities when it comes to LED mods and installations. I got the SD Zeong kit with the initial thought of just doing a straight build but then I thought about adding LEDs to the hands. Well, it has snowballed a little from there and I've finally found some time to post up a WIP on what I've done so far.

First up, here's the test fit pics :

My initial thought was to add LED's in the hands but they just didn't fit so I have modded the hands and arms to hold an LED and fiber optic cables. First pic is of the inside of the hands. I have used a Rotary Tool to dig out the inside of the fingers to allow for the fiber optics to pass through. Second pic is of how the wrist will connect using styrene tubing and the third is showing where the LED will live in comparison to the hand.

Now here is the 'proof of concept' showing how the finger tips light up :

Now onto the under side of the kit. I have added a total of 12 LEDs to the large thrusters and then added IC sockets to the smaller ones as it was waaaaaay too difficult to get fiber optics inside them.

The under side details have been handpainted using Mr Metal paint as well.

At this point, I have painted the kit and am in the process of decalling it and preparing it for mounting on the custom base I have built for it. I am having issues with the hands as they are difficult to get right due to glues and putties getting into the hand channels inside and blocking the fiber optics which has meant that one hand has been pulled apart 3 times now while I try and get it right.

Fingers crossed that I can get it right soon or I may need to buy some more hands....