Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : No Grade

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : 9th May 2007

Completed : 5th June 2007

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In-Progress : TMF/A 802 BuCue

09-05-07 : Another quick and simple one ...

Test Fit Front View
Test Fit Rear View

Time to try my hand at a SEED kit once again (I did a few SEED kits when I first started scale modeling), and I thought I'd do a kit that is seldomly seen, the BuCUE.

So far, I plan to paint in either Desert or Snow Camo (leaning towards desert at the moment), add an LED eye, add twin Beam Sabres to the front and light them up, and add mesh chain to the neck.

Stay tuned!

19-05-07 : Head and neck mods plus Mono-eye light....

Mods have begun. I've so far removed the plastic 'piping' underneath the neck ready for replacement with mesh chain. The mesh chain will also act to hide the wiring for the light I've mounted in the head for the mono-eye. As for the head, I've removed all the male and female connections inside the head to allow me to align the light and thread the wiring below the neck joint so the wires can feed into the afore mentioned mesh chain and back into the body.
Neck before mods
Inside the head

I've also added wiring for the light inside the front right leg. I've got it running out the botton so when I make the base, I can add the battery, wiring and switch beneath it and therefore hidden from view.

I've also started to paint as well. At present, I've done the black base coat and painted the joints, tracks, turbines and weapons with steel. Once that dries, I'll be able to start masking and start on the main colors which I will be doing a Desert Camo.

26-05-07 : Mods 'n' stuff....

Here is a pic of the painting :



First attempt at freehand camo painting. Not the best, I know, but still OK. I have also made progress with the mods too.

Head before mono-eye Head with mono-eye
Lights On!

The first picture to the top left is of the painted head without the mono-eye added. The hole was made with a pin-vise which was widened with a knife to make it look more mono-eyeish (if that's a word!).

The picture directly above is after I added the mono-eye. The mono-eye is made from a sliver of pink transparent sprue from another kit (where a beam sabre was attached). I cut a fine slice off the sprue and carefully cut around the edge until it fit into the hole I had made. Once it fit snuggly, I added some glue to make sure it stays in place.

The final picture to the left shows the light turned on and the pink mono-eye glowing a bright red.

The final picture for this update is to the right. This is what each leg looks like at the moment. It is hard to see the camo from this angle but it is visible.

I have added small braided wires to the knee area of each leg to simulate power conduits. Generally, these are located behind the knee area but it would have been way too hard to make holes and get them in there. Having them on the fron also helps to hide the seam lines I just couldn't get into to get rid of. Two birds with one stone I suppose.

All that remains on the legs is a bit of handbrushing around the tracks and such then I can gloss coat and panel line.



28-05-07 : Working on the base....

I've began on the base for the kit. Just a quick and simple desert scene to show off the kit in the intended surroundings for the paint scheme.

Base before sand
After sand


Plaster of Paris was used to cover the polystyrene and foam base to which sand was added while it was still wet. I also took the opportunity to add the rocks as well. Once it all dried, I gave it a coat of clear to hold the sand together and then air brushed it with a mix of brown, dark yellow and desert yellow to add a bit more of a dirty sand color. I also painted a thin wash of Smoke over the rocks to highlight the cracks and edges.

02-06-07 : Beam Sabres....

Quickly painted the dual sabres to go into the head today. I used a simple trick that I have used in the past for other beam weapons to paint them. I even took the opportunity to do a quick how-to as well.

I have also wired up the electrics for the mono-eye as well.

Only have to wait for some things to dry and i can take the final photos.

Beam Sabres