Kit Information :

Scale : Unknown

Grade : N/A

Made by : Lindberg

Begin Build : 6th August '08

Completed : September '08









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In-Progress : Dilophosaurus

10-08-08 : Another Dino...

While I wait for some decals to arrive for my Marasai, I've taken the opportunity to start building my next Dino kit - the Dilophosaurus. I picked up this kit for cheap off of eBay a few months back as a test bed for learning how to modify Dino kits.

I recently got hold of a copy of Ray Rimmel's wonderful book on building model Dinosaurs, which has given me inspiration to make a few changes to this kit.

First up, this is what I will be working on first, changing the angle of the neck in regards to the body and changing the angle of the head in regards to the neck :


I basically used styrene to build up the area between the neck and body so that one side was thicker than the other. I also mounted the neck using flexible tranformer winding wire to allow me to experiment with the angle of the neck before I committed to gluing it in place.

Neck mods
Neck mods

As you can see, I've angled the neck so it is looking to the right. Next, I removed the teeth from inside the mouth so I could close the jaw. I'm going for an 'interested' look for the dinosaur, like when a dog cocks it's head to one side and an open jaw didn't suit.


Lastly, I've pinned the hands to the arms with the same flexible wire as before so I can adjust where the hand will rest before I commit to gluing. The same also applies to the arms where they attach to the body.

Pinning the arms

That's all for the moment, I have finished assembling the kit but I'll leave pictures for the next update. Once the glue has finished drying, it will be time for epoxy putty which will be used to fill gaps and will be sculpted to match the skin folds and creases.

31-08-08 : Painting the beast...

It's been a few weeks since the last update on this build (most of that time was spent on the Marasai), and in that time I have puttied and re-textured all the gaps that needed to be filled in :


Each section that was puttied (with Milliput epoxy type putty), was painstakingly shaped and textured using sculpting tools and texture stamps (which I made with some Sculpey pressed against the skin texture of the kit itself). I also added some extra skin bumps by dabbing on some CA glue with a skewer. This coupled with sponging on some primer returned most, if not all, the skin texture that I lost when sanding.

Next is the painting. The first picture is of the first layer of paint - Dark Yellow. The second is of the red/brown mix for the crest, under the chin and hands/feet. The last picture is of the green and blacks. I didn't really like the red/brown on the feet and hands, so I went over them with Nato Black (which is what the dots are and green is highlighted with).

Painting layer 1
Painting layer 2
Painting layer 3

Next up is a wash, painting the eyes and claws, then making a small base for it to stand on.