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Grade : N/A

Made by : Tamiya

Begin Build : 2010

Completed : 2010









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In-Progress : Parasaurolophus Bust

15-05-10: Something a little different for the Dinosaur section....

I have been working on various different kits at the moment not being able to spend too much time on one in particular. I recently assembled the Tamiya Parasaurolophus kit in anticipation of the Fichtenfoo Creature Feature online contest, and the kit itself comes with two heads. Two heads I hear you ask, well one is meant to be a male and the other female. So with a spare head, I thought it might be a good idea to take it and paint it up like a bust of the creature.

Here are some pics of what has been done so far, first up is the test fit :

Test fit

The gaps and seams have been filled in with some Milliput and texture stamped using Repliscale and the skin pattern of the main kit. I also thought it would be good to fill in the back of the neck that is wide open with some styrene sheeting :

Once the glue had dried, I cut and sanded the styrene back to be the same shape as the neck :

And primed :

As you may have noticed, I have inserted a piece of brass rod into the neck so it can be mounted on a base. Painting wise, I've used Nato Black to do the dark patterning and then topped it with Clear Blue on the top of the crest and Clear Orange on the rest. Brown was used on the bill area :

I've since washed with oils and painted the eyes. I am now waiting on the base to dry so I can attach him to it and it should be complete.