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Scale :

Grade : N/A

Made by : Marcus Noonan

Begin Build : 30th Jan 2010

Completed : 7th Feb 2010









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In-Progress : Protoceratops

15-02-10 : Didn't do the traditional In Progress this time around ...

I decided to do a quick Dino build after finishing the massive T-Rex scene, and it was that quick of a build, I didn't really have time to sit down and do the traditional In Progress like I normally would have done. But I did take pictures and I'll quickly run through a couple of things that I encountered during this build of Marcus Noonan's Protoceratops resin kit.

First, here is the kit itself :

Kit Parts
Kit Parts

As you can see, it's only a 3 piece kit which makes it very simple to assemble - except when you encounter some problems in the cast.

One of the back legs was way thicker than it should have been, and on closer inspection, I noticed that it looked like the mould must've come apart during the resins curing period.

Miscast leg

So to repair this and make it look normal again, I attacked the center of the piece with a modelling saw. The idea was to cut away a V shape and squeeze the end together and make it slim again.

Miscast leg

With the V Shape cut out, I used some Loctite 401 CA Glue and my bench vise to squeeze it together and hold it that way unitl the glue cured.

leg repair

And here is what it looked like after some surgery :

leg repair

Another problem I encountered was a few small air bubbles (which is quite common with resin kits) :

air bubbles

All gaps and seams were removed with some sanding and puttying and as I usually do with Dino builds, I used Repliscale to return all the skin detail back to those areas.

Here is a picture of the kit primed and ready for the final part of the assembly process - attaching to the base.

final assembly

Each leg was fitted with a small length of brass rod and fixed into place with some Locitite 401. Once dry, each join was filled with putty and detail returned with Repliscale.

final assembly