Kit Information :

Scale : 1/13

Grade : N/A

Made by : Revell (re-issue)

Begin Build : 21st Feb '09

Completed : 15th March '09









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In-Progress : PterANodon

22-02-09 : New project for the '31 Days' competition...

Over at the Fichtenfoo Forums, there is a new competition starting called '31 days'. The main objective of this competition is to build a kit with a scenic base that is not a Gundam, and to do it within 31 days from the 21st of February '09.

I had originally purchased the Revell 'Klaw' kit of the Pteranodon for the Prehistoric Scenes comp held by Monster Model Review, but I didn't even get to start it before the deadline arrived, so I thought it would be an ideal non-Gundam kit for the '31 days' competition.

Here is the usual test fit photos and one that contains a paper from the 21st of February as proof that I haven't started it earlier (I assembled it on the 21st before I took the photo with the paper (that was today, the 22nd)).

Test fit
Proof shot

I plan to make an ocean base, where the rock is sticking out of some rough seas and the Pterodon will be pearched on the rock.

First up will be filling the gaps and such, so on to that (I just have to try and keep away from Street Fighter IV on the Xbox for a few days!).

08-03-09: Hiding seams and plugging holes....

Update time finally! (aka actually have something to show). I've spent the last week or so gradually puttying the seams and holes and then returning the skin detail back into the said areas. Each seam and gap was filled with Tamiya Epoxy Putty and then topped with Tamiya Basic Putty when it cured. The epoxy gave a solid base to work on and helped to strengthen the wings a little.

Here are some pics from the putty process :


I had originally planned to use a texture stamp to help in returning the skin detail to those areas that had been puttied and sanded, but it proved way too hard for me to do convincingly, so the Basic Putty was layered over the Epoxy and sanded back. To return the skin pattern to these areas, I took a fine marker and drew on the pattern I wanted.

Skin Marking
Skin Marking
Skin Marking

Once I had drawn on the pattern, I took an engraving bit (sharp pointed one) and my Dremel tool and traced over the lines. Once it was all done, the kit was primed again and any shallow lines were engraved again to make deeper and match the kits original skin pattern. This is what I ended up with :

New skin
New skin

As you can see, there is still a little noticable difference in the areas, but with some texturing with a sponge and paint, I plan to blend it together.

Next up is painting and beginning the base.

09-03-09: Paint time...

Spent a good hour and a half painting today and here's where I am at. First layer is Nato Black :


Next is Russet :


Then Dark Seagrey :


And finally more Nato Black around the Russet edges and on top of the head, more Russet on top of the head and back over the Nato Black edging and finally a light Orange mix for the beak :


Once it all dries, I plan do do some washes and dry brushing to help bring some details out and paint the eyes bright blue.

14-03-09: Almost done...

The Pteranodon is nearly finished. This week just gone, I have applied a Burnt Umber oil wash (aka Artists Oils diluted with Low Odour Turps), done some dry brushing and scuplted some waves.

After washing

For the base, I have used a picture frame, removed the glass and added the rock and air clay sculpted to look like crashing waves against the rock :


It doesn't look much in that picture above, but I have since painted with with blues and whites and it looks pretty good for my first attempt. I also added the name plate but I had nothing to attach it to so I made some triangle shaped 'legs' to hold it up and support it at the angle I was needing :

Name plate
Nate plate

Just a few small things left to do and this one will be all done.