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Begin Build : 13th June '09

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In-Progress : Tyrannosaurus vs Triceratops

23-08-09: Been working on this one for a while...

Over the last couple of months, I've been working on these fine beasts. First is Jon Rader's fabulous Tyrannosaurus resin kit :

T-Rex front
Test fit back

While the kit is a fantastic cast, there were still a small number of flaws and gaps to recify with the help of some Milliput Epoxy putty and some repliscale texture stamps :


Here the beast is primed :


The idea of this build is to have a T-Rex family enjoying a meal of a Triceratops which the mother (aka the T-Rex above) has killed for the smaller members of the family. For the Triceratops carcass, I will be using the 1/35 scale Tamiya kit. Here is the test fit :

test fit

Since the mouth is open and there is no detail inside the mouth, I have filled it in using styrene sheeting and Milliput to make the roof and bottom of the mouth. I have also added a tongue which is flopped out to the side to add some realism to the dead body.

Inside mouth

I have also done some surgery on the Triceratops to align the legs better and make it look like it's a dead body. To do this, I made a few cuts and adjustments to all four legs :

Leg mods

I then inserted some styrene to use as a base for the epoxy putty to grip to (otherwise the putty would push back into the hollow kit and cause a lot of issues).

Trike legs

And for the wound, I cut out the section of the stomach that I wanted to be ripped open by the T-Rex by using a cutting blade and a Dremel. Once I had the shape I wanted, I filled the insides with foam until it was packed tight. I then drowned the outer part of the foam that is sticking out of the hole, with CA Glue. This hardened the foam and will make it easier to work with in the painting stages as it has formed a protective skin and wont absorb the paint into the foam.

Trike guts

And finally, for the younger T-Rex, I am using a Procon Collecta series toy :

young rex

It is scaled slightly smaller than the larger T-Rex so it should be fine as a 'younger' member of the species. For this one, I have cleaned up the flash and seam lines and will be repainting it to match the larger one.

There is still a bit of filling and cleaning up to do on the Triceratops before I can move onto the scene and painting so more than likely, that will be in the next update!

27-09-09: Progressing slowly...

It's been a while since I updated this project, so here are some pictures of the Triceratops! To begin with, I painted the whole kit in Tamiya Buff. Tamiya Brown was added around the horns and frill and then everything was tied together with Tamiya Medium Blue.

Trike paint

I wanted to try adding a random pattern to the beast so I began by dabbing on some Tamiya Royal Blue with a round brush. Once that was done, I went around it with Tamiya NATO Black and Mdeium Blue again. This is what I ended up with :\


Doesn't look nice, does it? Well to fix it, I air brushed the Medium Blue back over everything and this is what it looked like :

Blended Pattern
Blended Pattern
Blended Pattern

Then on to the wound. I wanted to make it as gory as possible, so I began with a Pink base and then dabbed on Flat Red. I went over that with some Gunze Russet and then dotted some White and Purple randomly in the gore to simulate gristle and veins. Finally, a generous amount of Tamiya Clear Red was dabbed on for a bloody look.


There is still a wash or two to be done on the Triceratops before I can move on to the Rexes. Until then.....

24-10-09 : Painting the T-Rex...

Been motivated and painted the T-Rex the other day. I began by painting the mouth and a custom Pink mix and then preshading the kit with Black :


Next up was the main base colour, Tamiya Sky :

Base colour

For something a little different, I took a blue ball point pen and drew on some veins in a spidery pattern along the under belly of the beast :


To tone the veins down so they aren't as harsh as above, I painted a layer of Tamiya Buff on the under belly regions :

top coat

This makes them still visible in the right light but not as obvious as before. For the top half, I used Gunze Black Green and lightly gradiated the edges so it didn't have a hard line where the two colours meet :


For the feathering on top of the head and nose, I began with Brown, then a light coat of Red, and then topped with Medium Blue :


That's it for now, but next I plan on adding a few different washes and a few coloured bands over the back and down the side.

27-01-10 : Final update...

I've actually finished the build a few weeks ago, but I'm just adding a few more inprogress photos of the layout and the small Pteranodons I have added to the scene which I took from the Tamiya Parasaurolophus kit :

Placing kit
Trike placement

The large rocks on the base were made with rock moulds and Plaster of Paris and the earth was made using some textured paste called 'Easy-Work Earth' from Young Minatures. It is a paint on paste that has grit in it to make the base look more textured and earth like.

At this point, it's all done now.