Kit Information :

Scale : 1/25

Grade : N/A

Made by : ITC

Begin Build : 20th May '08

Completed : 15th June '08









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In-Progress : Tyrannosaurus Skeleton

25-05-08 : And now something completely different...

Since building my first Dinosaur kit nearly a year ago, I've been eyeing off the few skeleton kits that pop up from time to time on the web. I recently had the luck of finding two pre-built skeleton kits on eBay, which I ended up winning for a wonderfully cheap price.

I decided to take a small break from building the Guncannon vs Zaku diorama and work on the first of the two kits I got, the skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus :

The kit

As you can see from the picture, it had already been assembled so I began to clean up the bad moulding seams (ie the flash) by sanding and scraping with the trusty hobby knife.

As I reassembled the jaw, I found that the bottom half is an absolute pain to put together. Seeing as it had been glued once before, the glue in the mounting points was restricting the jaw from sitting in place. To remedy this situation, I pinned the jaw at three points, one on each "cheek" and one at the "chin".

Hole for pinning
More holes

I've also repeated the pinning along the spine as some of the rib sections suffer from the same problem as the jaw - previous glue is preventing the male and female joins from mating correctly.

Next up is finishing the flash removal and pin the parts together.

06-06-08: Assembled and beginning the base...

Finally finished removing the flash and seams a few days ago and have been making a few adjustments to the skull. I took my rotary hobby tool and drilled out the nasal cavity and made the eye sockets deeper. First picture below is before and the bottom one is after (naturally) :

Skull before
Skull after

Started the base as well. I've decided to make this one look like a museum exhibit so I got some solid brass rods and made the supports that insert into the skeleton.

Start of the base

The silver rods were taken from an old CD drive (they guide the drawer in and out) and some chain was attached to the tops of them for a barrier like you would see in a museum.

Next up, I thought the skeleton should be on a higher platform than the floor level so I quickly snapped one together using some 1mm styrene sheeting which I measured and cut to size.

With stand

Then using a piece of aluminium tubing and styrene I made the base for an information panel which I will make up a picture for on Photoshop, print it out and attach it to the styrene.

Next up, putty removal and beginning the painting.