Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : HGUC and NG

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build: 24th March 08

Completed : 22nd June 08








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In-Progress : Guncannon Diorama

31-05-08 : Been a while since I worked on this one...

Primed the Guncannon this week after a month of not doing a hell of a lot to this build. Going to go with a camo for the Guncannon like it was hidden in the jungle and the Zaku had trouble spotting it until the last minute.

Camo painting

This is the first layer of the camo, Olive Green. Next layer will be most likely a brown and the third a lighter tan (but not too light).

I have also started building up the jungle around the trees with some lichen from Woodlands Scenics.


Now I need to add some smoke coming from the damaged parts on the Zaku and a small explosion out the rear of the jetpack where the Guncannons beam rifle is going to be shooting through.

15-06-08 : Explosions!

I've been finishing up the Guncannon this week. I've ended up painting a subtle camo pattern by freehand with my air brush. I'll leave pictures of the Guncannon until the end - a sort of suprise.

Anyway, I've added an explosion to the front of the Zaku's chest where the Guncannons beam rifle is firing through. First up I made the explosion using Milliput. I made small balls of the expoxy putty and molded them together. I then added texture with my knife to simulate billowing 'flames'.

Milliput explosion

Once the Milliput had hardened, the first layer of paint was added - Orange!

Painting layer one

Then the second layer of paint was added - this time Red.

Red layer

Then I finally finished up with a dry brushing of Yellow then Orange again.

Drybrushed layer

I also began to add smoke for underneath the Zaku and out of it's 'wounds' and such.


Please be aware that it is white at the moment but I will be air brushing it in blacks and greys soon enough. I also added 'smoke' coming out of the jet thrusters of the Zaku to show that it was desperately trying to get up when the Guncannon fired.

Next up is air brushing color into the smoke and adding the water.