Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : hguc

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : 19th Nov 2006

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In-Progress : RX-121 Hazel tr-1

19-11-06 : Back to 1/144's ...

Test fitI've been sitting on this Hazel for just on 12 months now. I originally purchased it last year during all of the original Advance of Zeta hype and planned on building it straight away. That didn't happen but now it's time to make a start on it and give me something to do while I await the delivery of my MG Kampfer which I'll be doing for Fichtenfoo's Kampfer Komp.

I plan on making a few small modifications to this kit, such as adding small screws to the rear skirt panels and small chain where ever possible. Colors will consist of light grey for the white sections (the same grey that was used on my Gouf Flight Type) and candy effects (possibly blue or even green) on the chest, feet and shields.

At this point I have test fitted (and worked out a possible pose) the kit and moved onto priming what I can at present and puttying the rest. Once the putty dries fully, I'll sand it back and prime those pieces too.

More to come.

22-11-06 : Mods galore...

It was a public holiday today in my town so I got the day off work! Decided to make a decent start on the mods for this kit and finish up the painting.

I began the painting but found that the primer I am using is pretty much useless when it comes to filling small holes and seams (compared to the Tamiya Primer I generally use) so several pieces will need to be re-puttied and primed again (this time with Tamiya type).

Mods came next, with the addition of several screws and brass rods to the waist area, both shields (rods and screws added), and the top of the head piece (rods added). Being a 1/144 scale, cutting the brass to size and adding it neatly was a real challenge (and it didn't turn out as good as I visioned it would). Also the head has been slightly modified too - the V-fin has been reduced slightly and the inside of the 'cheeks' have been reduced also.

Skirt ModShield Mod

26-11-06 : Re-doing the mods a little...

After posting on various forums, it was brought to my attention (and I 100% agree) that Skirt Mod redonethe screws look out of place and just look like screws - nothing else. So I decided to remove the screws and install small balls into the same spots where I had the smaller screws. Once I completed that, I did a little shading and panel lining. Whilst I was doing the legs, I realised that the same small balls that I used on the other pieces could be used on the legs also, so I drilled and carved out recesses for the balls to fit.

Unfortunately, I have to use the stickers supplied with this kit instead of water slides, which is a pain because stickers tend to look, well for a better word, 'stuck on'. Can win every time I suppose!

Oh, and this kit is now a part of the Zero G Hazelnuts Group Build too!