Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : Feburary 2007

Completed : 9th April 2007

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In-Progress : Kampfer vs. GM Diorama

08-03-07 : My entry for the Fichtenfoo KKKKK competition...


Finally, I have got around to starting an in-progress for my entry for the Fichtenfoo KKKKK Competition! (I've been working on this for a month or so now)

There have been alot of entries so far that are modded Kampfers so instead of doing another one, I thought I'd give a quick and simple 0080 diorama a go. I probably wont win any prizes, but I'm not doing it to win, I'm doing it to improve my skills and make my entry different form all the rest.

My initial plan was for a GM to be pushed back into a building with the Kampfer on top ripping the GM's head off. I was really keen on the idea until I came across a few problems and difficulties. I played around with posing and came up with this idea which I am quite happy with and feel it is much better than the original one :

planned posing

Now that I have figured out the posing, the GM painting was next. This didn't take long at all. I also did some detailing around the joint hinges and panel lined lightly - just enough to highlight and shadow them. Here's some pictures of the GM :

GM finishgm done

gm done

I have also started doing some small mods to the Kampfer (well, just replacing the power conduits with silver snake chain)

Next up, I'll begin painting the Kampfer!

25-03-07 : More progress on the Kampfer....

Started painting the Kampfer during the week. I've decided to try out Field Blue as the main blue color of the MS, painted on a Black base coat. So far it looks a little darker than I had hoped for but the color should deepen some what when I apply the Clear Coat.

Kampfer painting begins!Kampfer Primed

Some pieces that have been primed need a little sanding back and other work to remove the still visible seams (mainly the thighs and knees need doing). Once that is done and I've prepared the remaining weapons for priming, I can get fully into the painting.

31-03-07 : Kampfer re-assemble....

With the torso painting complete, it's time to re-assemble it. In the meantime, I snapped the head fin for a third time. Damn thing is so fragile! Worst thing this time is that I had fully painted it. If I end up breaking it again, I might have to consider shortening it a little.

Anyway, here are some more pics :

Kampfer TorsoKampfer Torso

Kampfer Torso

05-04-07 : Kampfer fully assembled and decaled...

Finished the Kampfer and decaled both it and the GM. I ended up using left over decals from both the Hyaku Shiki and Gouf for the Kampfer (the Gouf had Zeon insignia and both had the Caution markings I needed) whilst I used a mix of waterslides and dry transfers for the GM (the dry transfers were the Earth Forces markings and such).

Pics of the assembled Kampfer :

Kampfer done! Kampfer Done!

Oh, and I finally thought up of a title for this little battle scene - "The Uneven Battlefield".