Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : 12 Sept 2006

Completed : 18 Nov 2006

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In-Progress : 1/100 Master Grade Hyaku Shiki

12/09/06 - My first attempt at Master Grade and serious mods....

Test fitHaving done quite a few 1/144's now, I've decided to turn myhand to Master Grade models. I recently got the Hyaku Shiki as a going away present from my previous work place of 8 & 1/2 years (a great friend of mine who still works where I used to, was kind enough to get a collection going when I left and went out of his way to pick this kit out for me.) and I thought that I'd give it a real go this time.

Rather than little mods and custom paints, I've decided to do the following mods (or at least try) :

  • LED in the head unit to make the front visor and sensor window glow.
  • Replacing the leg pistons on the hydraulics with brass rods/tubing.
  • Replacing the power conduits with braided hoses.
Pretty standard mods, I know, but they are pretty major for me.

So far I've progressed as far as to be half finished the painting of the lower half (ie legs and waist) and the head unit. I originally planned a grey/orange/white scheme but finally settled on a grey/red/gold theme - more suited for a Mobile Suit piloted by Char Aznable!

I picked up a few different coloured 3mm LEDs from my local electronics store and a 1.55v watch battery , ideal for the LEDs I am using. I was tossing up either using the amber or green LED but I have finally settled on using the amber. I have carved out the rear of the sensor to allow more light to flow out into the clear plastic.

LED offLED on

Next up is the leg modifications. I plan to remove the piston on the hydraulics and replace it with brass tubing. To do this I am planning on removing the shaft and drilling a hole in the base of where the shaft starts. I will also drill out the sheath of the hydraulics so I can fit the tubing inside it and so it can move up and down the shaft freely. I will also take the opportunity to replace the power cable on the rear of the leg with braided wire.

25/09/06 : Bottom half painted and pistons modded...

Finished the colours on the bottom half of this kit. Internals were painted with Gunmetal then thinly coated with Clear Red to give it a coppery tone. The larger armour has been done with Red and the vents done with Gold to keep with the Red Comet theme.

Piston Mods

The leg piston shafts have been replaced with Brass Tubing that I purchased from my local modeling store. I cut off the original plastic shaft and then drilled out either end of the piston to allow a smooth fit for the brass. The brass was cut to the correct length using my Dremel and test fitted. The only problem I am having with it is that the glue wont bond with the brass.

I've applied a clear coat also, so all that is left for this section is to do panel lining and add decals.

14-10-06 : Woops ... a long time since an update!

A few things have happened since my last update on this kit. I've finally done the painting on the main body - all that is left is the wings and thrusters. Since my last update, I received my order from Mechaskunk which contained snake and mesh chain. I'm using the mesh chain as power conduits and the like and the snake chain has been used on the gun. I cut small pieces of brass tubing and attached it to the ends of the mesh chain to simulate couplings. I have also used wire threaded into the mesh chain to hold it in place and to keep the shape I need.

I'm now waiting on my decals to arrive. I have ordered the official Bandai Hyaku Shiki decal set from Hobbylink Japan (as well as the Char's Counterstrike special edition of Gundam Weapons to make the order worthwhile!) which was nearly two weeks ago. Hopefully it comes this week.

27/10/06 : Decal time!

I finally received my decals from HLJ earlier in the week, and tonight I've found the time to do a little decaling to my Hyaku Shiki. I've decaled most parts and even the weapons (the beam sabres have the unit markings on them now (MSN-00100)) so all that remains for this kit now is the rear wings, which need to be re-painted (I scratched on of them) and then add decals and I can call this kit done.