Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : High Grade

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : June 2006

Completed :

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In-Progress : RXR-44 Guntank

25-06-06 : Starting something different..

Box ArtI've decided to make a start on one of my rarer kits, the RXR-44 Guntank from Gundam F-91!

I picked this kit up from eBay for really cheap. I initially wanted it because it is a kit that is rarely seen (well one that I have rarely seen!) thinking it was a 1/144. When I got the kit to my amazement, it turned out that it is a 1/100!

I'm going to do the initial build as soon as I finish writing this and begin the colour scheme planning.


25-06-06 : Test build done...

Test fitAs usual, I have done the test build. Some people ask why I bother doing a test build and, basically, it is for two reasons. First, so I can see what the model will require to have done to it (like puttying and such) and secondly so I can have a "before and after" photo set. Alot of people are amazed when they see the original kit as it looks out of the box compared with the end kit after I have air brushed and detailed it.

Anyway, there are a few seam lines and other small imperfections to fix up then it's on to priming.

01-07-06 : A little progress ....

So far I've prepared most pieces for priming. I've sanded back alot of shallow seam lines where the glue has oozed through and made a good seal. I've also puttied the more deeper, uneven seams with Tamiya Basic Type putty. Once that dries, I'll sand that all back and prime the pieces. There are a few pieces though that need to be done after others (like the tops of the legs and shoulders for example) so they'll be done last.

With the head, it looks like I'll be masking the visor and sensor as modifying the head so the visor piece slides in appears to be very difficult to manage and I'm not feeling confident enough to make the necessary modifications.

15-07-06 : Paint scheme....

I've been side tracked with many other things so it's been a couple of weeks since the last Camoupdate. I've finally primed everything today and I've come up with the ideal paint scheme for this kit - Digital Urban Camo. That's right, I'm going to give Digital Camo a go. For colours, I'll be using Black, Grey, maybe White, and another colour either Red or Brown. I'll be using a similar pattern to the one on the left here.

I've been thinking about the best way to do it and I think I'll be doing multiple layers of colour and masking areas inbetween the application of the next colour. I'll probably start off with White or Grey and then move up to the Red or Brown (depending on what I choose) and finish up with Black. Hopefully, when I remove the masking tape, I'll get the pattern I'm after. Fingers crossed!

23-07-06 : Second Layer of Camo...

Finished masking the first section of the Digital Camo today. The base layer is White which has been air brushed onto Tamiya Grey Primer (I like the Grey type of Primer as it shows up imperfections in the seams and putty alot better than the White type). I decided to cut the masking tape by hand without the aid of a straight edge in many different shapes, sizes and patterns to give it a random camo effect. Some pieces are perfectly straight while others contain sharp angles and the occasional rounded edge. The idea behind doing that is to give it a feel that leans away from the standard types of camo.
Leg Mask 1The second paint layer has been air brushed also. This layer I have used Tamiya Sky Grey mixed with a small amount of Tamiya Flat Black to darken the tone of the colour a little. Once that dries, I'll mask the next layer the same way I did with the first.The next colour might be a subtle blue colour that is commonly used in Urban Camos.

25-08-06 : Finally found the time ....

Finally! I found an hour or two to do some more work on this model. Work, study and cold weather have been slowing my modeling down quite a bit but I'm going to keep making a concious effort to finish this kit and start something new soon.

Today I have painted the last layer of paint after slowly adding the next masking tape layer. The final layer is Black. Next up is to remove the masking tape without damaging the paint. Fingers crossed it looks fine, otherwise I might have to strip back the paint and start something different.

I have done a little bit of the finer painting by hand. Alot of it was done with Gunmetal Grey to give it a slightly different colour that doesn't overly effect the camo. I have tried Tamiya Sky Blue also as an Urban Blue colour on the feet and knees. It may be a little contrasting but I'll see when I assemble it once the paint dries.

Leg Mask 3

Leg Mask 4

28-08-06 : Near the end ...

I have removed the masking tape and I must say that even though I'm not 100% happy with the end result, it still looks great. I have spent a little more time detailing the model too. I've dry brushed the black areas with silver and the gunmetal areas with black.

I have also decided to attach the missles and small arments to appear like the MS is firing them at an unseen enemy. I plan to approach this task in a similar fashion to the jetpack on the SD Z'Gok - a piece of holding wire covered with cotton wool to simulate smoke coming from the missles.

More pictures to come.

27/10/06 : Decaled, finally!

I've decided to go back to this kit briefly and finish it up by adding water slide decals to it. This is my first attempt at adding water slides and I must say that is was easier than I thought! This kit is pretty much done now, just have to add a clear coat and take some photos for the completed section.