Kit Information :

Scale : 1/100

Grade : Master Grade

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : October '08

Completed : January '09









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In-Progress : Shin Musha Gundam

01-11-08 : Finally time for a new build...

It's been a few months now since my last builds (due to things happening and a distinct lack of time and motivation to start something new) but I have finally pushed myself into starting something new, the Master Grade Shin Musha Gundam.

Test fitting took a while as there is a ton of little pieces and I took the extra time to clean up the parts as I removed them from the sprues (I generally snip them off, roughly cut away the excess and clean up as I prepare to paint). Here are the test fit pictures :

Test fit
Test fit
Test fit
Test fit

I'm going to begin on the waist area first and so far I've added some pins to the skirt armour.

Skirt pins

I've added these pins to the front (as per the picture above), the sides and the rear armour but not the center pieces.

I plan on making a few cosmetic changes to the kit as I progress with each section (adding new thrusters, more pins and beads and some metal decals / aurora stickers) so stay tuned!

08-11-08: Finished the skirt and onto the feet...

Just to give a teaser of what I did with the skirt armour :

Skirt with gold

Took a long time to mask that one off. I've repeated that all over the front and back skirt armour - carefully masking the angular shapes and air brushing on some Mr Metal Brass. I'm debating what type of panel line wash to do at the moment whether a black, grey or no panel lines will look best.

I've also begun working on the feet and legs with some pins added to the front of the foot armour :

Foot pins

And pins added to the side armour at the bottom of the legs (sorry for the blurry pic) :

Legs armour pins

Next up is painting the legs and then it will be onto the torso.

16-11-08 : Torso and thruster action...

Since last update, the legs and feet have been done and yesterday was spent doing the torso and thrusters.

Torso front
Torso Back

Again, I have mounted pins on the bottom waist armour, the piping on the upper chest and on the backpack. As for the thrusters, I began by removing the kits original plastic thruster then removing the joint where it plugged into and replacing that with a small length of brass rod :

Thrusters step 1

This brass rod allows for the thrusters to be mounted to the connector piece without fear fo it falling off. The central tube in the aftermarket thruster was glued in first, then the outer thruster bell slid down over and glued to the plastic connector piece. Once that was done, the inner bell was added in the same way, but wasn't glued at the time of taking the next picture as I wanted to paint it. Here is a comparison shot of the thrusters :


As you can see, the aftermarket ones are slightly larger and look much better. I also test fitted the thrusters with an IC pin attached to the inner tube for an internal thruster look :


I finished them up with a coating of Clear Red given to the internal bell and then attached both the internal bell and IC pin to the inner part. Here's how they ended up :

Thrusters done

Arms are next, then the arm shields, and finally the head and weapons. Hopefully painting should be completed next week and I can move on to panel lining and decalling.

23-11-08: Damn cold weather...

It's nearly summer here in Australia (it's like ... a week away) and this time of year it's creeping well over the 30 degrees celcius mark. Well, over the last few days, my town has had some wild weather and a bizarre cold snap that left us with barely getting to 5 degrees yesterday. Here's the problem, I did some air brushing a few days ago during the cold snap and, even though every other colour I painted wasn't effected, the red I painted decided to go all orange peel on me. It may have been due to the weather, or because of poorly mixed paint (it was at the end of a bottle), or a combination of both, but it was a pain the the arse.

I attempted to sand it back a little and then repaint it, but the new layer of paint still showed the bizarre colour difference. I ended up having to strip it all back and re-prime the pieces. Here are are few pictures of the pieces soaking in Window Cleaner and me wiping it all off :

But that's where things gets worse. I repainted those pieces today and while I was cleaning out the nozzle of my air brush, the hose (which I should've disconnected) decided to move on it's own and pull the air brush off the bench and needle first onto the concrete floor of my shed. I ended up bending the needle and breaking off the internal nozzle. No matter what I tried, I simply can't fix it this time around. Damn it all.

So, new air brush for me, but until then, progress will slow down a little bit.

27-12-08 : Long time since an update....

It's been over a month since I did anything substantial to the Shin Musha due to two factors. One was that I got the flu pretty bad at the end of November and I'm still not 100% now, and the other was that I bought an Xbox 360 and now I can't seem to drag myself away from Fallout 3....

Anyhoo, I'm nearly finished the painting (only need to finish the gun and parts of the face armour). Masking the sword hilt was fun (can you spot the sarcasm?), as I ended up using Blu-Tak to mask off the inner gold parts so I could air brush the rest red. I did try to hand brush the inner parts gold, but it was easier to mask than hand paint. Here's what the masking looked like :

Hilt masking

And the finished sword and sheath :


And here is where I am at the moment :

Nearly done!

Everything has been clear coated and most of the panel lines are done in either black or gold. Up next is the decals. I'm aiming to get the model done and assembled by New Years, but I still haven't thought about a base for it to stand on yet. Maybe something similar to the MK II's base maybe?

Until then......