Kit Information :

Scale : 1/144

Grade : HGUC

Made by : Bandai

Begin Build : 9th April 2007

Completed : 7th May 2007

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In-Progress : 1/144 EMS-10 Zudah

09-04-07 : New project ...

Now that the Kampfer vs GM project is finished, I think I might move on to something a little different - the HGUC Zudah.

At present, I thinking of really 'blinging' it up by doing a custom paint job and adding some shiny things like new thusters and such.

Only up to test fitting, so pictures of the fit will be added to the site soon.

14-04-07 : Finally some pictures ...

Pictures of the test fit :

Front View of Test Fit
Rear View of Test Fit
With Weapon

I'm currently thinking of an asteroid / moon style base with craters and such with the Zudah 'floating' above it holding the Anti-Ship Rifle in some sort of firing or threatening sort of pose.

25-04-07 : Main painting complete...

Finished the majority of the painting today. Finally decided on a dark blue/brass combination for the colors. As I painted this, the color scheme reminded me a little of Gyunei's Jagd Doga from Char's Counterattack. So you can get an idea of what I have done, here are the usual pictures :

Head painted
Forearm painted
All parts painted

I'm just waiting for the decals I ordered to arrive so until then I'll move onto the detailing (ie. shading and weathering) of the kit and make a start on the base for it.

28-04-07 : Beginning the base...

Started working on the base today. I originally had a few layers of polystyrene which I had planned to cover with plaster and paint up but then I found some of this packing foam in a box at work. It is the stuff that is easily carved with a knife (I can't remember the actual name of it) and is much easier to work with. I've carved out the craters and made hard edges that I plan to dry brush when I add the plaster and paint.

Carved foam


29-04-07 : More on the base...

Got a hold of some Plaster of Paris today. I really wanted to get plaster cloth but I couldn't find any at all. I coated the foam with the plaster and made some craters by simply putting my finger in the wet plaster and pulling it out again (I had gloves on which made it better). I gave it a few hours to dry and air brushed it with a Tamiya Flat Black base coat, then followed with a layer of Dark Gray. I highlighted around the craters and such with Sky Gray, then Brown, then finally with Black again. Once the paint had dried, I highlighted around the edges with white and black pastels and added some gray ballast into the deeper craters. Hopefully, my decals arrive this week so I can finish up.


05-05-07 : Decals done...

The decals arrived yesterday for the Zudah, so I spent an hour or so adding the waterslides to the kit. Once I finished that, I gave the kit a final detail and then a flat clear coat using Mr Color Flat Clear (first time using and I found it better to use than custom made clear using the Tamiya Flat base and Clear).

Some pics of the finished Zudah :

Zudah done!
Zudah done!

Next up is to make a mount to attach the Zudah to the plastic rod so it is firmly held into place.